Finding Your Signature Style

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

What exactly is it that you WANT to wear? A good wardrobe starts within your heart and imagination to dress the body God gave you and the woman He made you to be. It defies your budget and your constraints but instead aims to harmonise with your shape, your complexion and your personality.

So how do you want to represent the women that you are? What type of clothing makes you feel comfortable yet confident?

For me I want to feel sharp but look effortless in my appearance. I feel comfortable when I look more natural yet still look like I have made an effort to present myself to the world. I want to look “current” without looking like I’m fighting to stay young…

Having you noticed that I make the distinction between “look’ and “feel”

So what type of clothes will make me feel like that? mmmh…

I hate plain cotton and like clothes to feel more silky on my body…that makes me feel luxurious…But I like to wear jeans on the bottom half because I need to feel supported in my fabric - that makes me feel comfortable.

Jackets need to fit well, drape over my shoulders a drop at just the right length. I am broad shouldered so lengthier jackets are my best option. I like wearing mostly neutrals and popping them with colour. I don’t wear much red for this reason as I feel it gets me noticed just a little too much..

But if you see the inner style conversation that you need to start having with yourself.

What colours do you love that look good on you. Hint : you may have comments every time you wear it that you (not the dress) look lovely in that colour.

2nd. Think of your favourite every day outfit (the one you secretly wish you could wear everyday if no-one noticed) What is it that you love about it?

3rd. Think of your accessories or lack of. What pieces do you simply HAVE to add to an outfit before you feel fully dressed and ready to enter the outside world?

The power of good questions is the secret of any good stylist. Drawing out what is already within. Who you are lies within but more than often we become disconnected with that truth. I encourage you today to do a style audit and become more acquainted with your inner style diva - the one who knows who she is and what she wants to wear.

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